Disco Empire // CC cheat

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Credits: PWNTHIS

Tools (download these tools in the Tools section):
  • charles
  • firefox

  1. Open Charles. It should automatically record activities in firefox
  2. Go into Disco Empire [ click to play ]
  3. Look in Charles. There should be the line "http://game1.discoempire.com"
  4. Expand it, and you will see 'service/' 
  5. Right click 'service/' and select 'Breakpoints'
  6. Now refresh Disco Empire
  7. A breakpoint tab will appear in Charles. 
  8. Press Execute 11 times.You should see a Edit Response tab. Click the tab and click AMF tab (at the bottom) and you will see something similar to the screen below.

  9. Important: I am assuming it is 11 times for everyone, but if you are 100% sure you press 11 times and do not get the above screen, I will tell you what you must look out for. Basically notice there is a pattern. The first breakpoint do NOT have an Edit Response. Click Execute and the next has a Edit Response. Click on it and check the AMF tab to see if there is any useful information that you can change. Just keep checking the "Edit Response > AMF" tabs and you can see important information such as player info, cash, coins etc. So you will stop once you get the screen above. 
  10. Just change the value of the Cash to 10000, Coins to any amount, Points to 230000
  11. Now go back to the Session tab and right click the 'service/' and select Breakpoints again.
  12. Then go back to the Breakpoint tab and click Execute. The game will now run as per normal.
  13. You will have all the coins, cash and instant level to 49. Max level is 50. Do not exceed level 50 points. 
  14. If you have followed my steps carefully, it will work. If it doesnt, just TRY AGAIN and FOLLOW the steps this time. It is as detailed as I can be. Check the Charles Tutorial if you can't figure it out. [Charles Tutorial
Note: You can also use Cheat Engine if you prefer using CE. I find Charles a much faster way however as I do not have to do all the scanning and can execute this with Charles in less than a minute. In Charles, you can immediately change all 3 key values. With CE, you have to scan 3 times or more to get only 1 address. Do the math :p 

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