Wild Ones Cheats // Members Only Pet

 Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:

  • Nothing except your brain, eyes, hands

Credits: co0l9999
This simple glitch allows you to purchase the "MEMBERS ONLY" pet on Wild Ones.



  1. Go into Wild Ones [play
  2. Go to SHOP, Go to PETS
  3. Scroll to the Dark Shadow Pet which is the "MEMBERS ONLY" Pet.
  4. Click on the [<] button ONCE to scroll to the pet directly on the left of the members only pet.
  5. Click BUY.
  6. Click on the Area as shown in the below image (The blank space between the customize box and the pet image.

  7. A "MEMBERS ONLY PET" text should appear.
  8. Change your pet name and colour and click the Tick.
  9. You will notice that you have purchased the BAT for FREE. Have fun using it! Check the video tutorial!

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