Gangster City Updates

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Gangster City has updated. New levels. New Missions. New loots.
You will like the Curly Hair missions as there is a chance to drop 90k-100k+ loots.
Nofil2000's Gangster City Collaboration Tool stilll working great.

[Nofil2000 Gangster City Collaboration Tool Download & Steps ]

Item Ids have changed and the above screen is the new Item IDs.
Use the updated itemIDs in the 'Convert Tokens To:'
For stamina, use the stamina can.
For cash, use the pistol (M1911 which is sold for $13260)

Note: Tokens can only be generated and used once a day. You cannot use your own token. If you are getting a lot of failure, those tokens may have expired or you are using an invalid itemID or you have used it before. Follow the steps properly and it will work for you as it has been working perfectly for months.

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