Pet Society // New Wig Dye and Petling Colours

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Platinum Blonde!

Credits: joojoobe@pwnthis

Tools (download these tools in the Tools section):
  1. Download both databases from any of the links above.
  2. You will be replacing shopMystery and database. Replace according to the images below. Wrong replacement of databases will result in LOADING FAILURE or FAILED CHEAT.
  3. For WIGS DYE / MIXED WIG DYE cheat:

  4. For Petling Cheat / Petling Dye :

  5. For Petling cheat, cat will evolve into tiger; dog to lamb; coyote to bear. Use the petling growth cheat provided in the ShopMystery. Check your Fiddler to see which cheat you are using!!
  6. For Petling cheat, there may be some who will encounter error. So what you should do is, after replacing the database and entering Pet Society, disable your Internet/work in offline mode then buy the Petling and feed it with the growth potion. If evolution works and you get the respective cash peet, connect back your Internet to save the game. If it doesn't work, just refresh and try again. Always remember, if the petling does not evolve after taking the growth potion, immediately refresh the game without saving. 
  7. For Wig cheat, just wear a wig and use any of the biscuits for mixed dye or any of the wig dyes. Blue Coins will NOT be deducted if you replace the files correctly.

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