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This is Zynga's latest game and it seems really well designed. You start out with nothing. But after gathering and taming animals and clearing your land, you can start constructing buildings and develop a town. You will eventually get married and have a family too!

You will need energy to do certain tasks like harvesting, feeding animals, planting crops, clearing land. You can gain energy sometimes by cutting down trees.

You gain coins each time you complete an action. The coins will drop out so click on them! Sometimes you gain rare items, collectibles too.

You gain wood by chopping down trees. You will need lots of wood to build those houses.

How to level up fast?
They pretty much secured/hashed their gameSettings file so any changes or meddle with the xml files will result in a game refresh. But still there is a way to level up fast legally. You will have to add a lot of friends as each friend allows you 5 extra actions which increases your relationship and exp at 0 energy cost! So the more friends you have, the more actions you gain without needing energy.

But of course, if any FrontierVille cheats, glitches are found, you can be sure that I will post it up. Meanwhile, just give this new game a try.

Additional Information by Zynga// 


Clicking on a quest icon, located on the left hand side of your game screen, will display details about your current quest. To complete a quest simply follow the instructions to meet the requirements. You will earn rewards when you meet that quests requirements! Questing is the only way to gain things such as a family.


Invite friends to be your neighbors by using the 'My Neighbors' tab or by clicking on the 'Add Neighbor' button on your friend bar. This button sends you to a page that allows you to send invitations for your friends to become neighbors. Your friend must accept the invitation in order to become your neighbor on FrontierVille. Having many neighbors will unlock many items and will allow you to visit more homesteads!

Visiting and Helping Neighbors

Neighbors are located on the friend bar at the bottom of the game screen. Clicking on a neighbor will open a menu that has the option to visit a friend. When visiting a friend you may help them with up to five actions on their homestead. Simply perform actions on your neighbor's homestead as you would on your own. When your neighbor returns they may even see your avatar on their homestead! This is a great way to earn extra coin and experience.

Hiring Friends

Every day you may hire up to two of your neighbors to perform tasks on your homestead. To hire a neighbor, click on their neighbor icon on the friend bar on the bottom portion of the game screen. After clicking the neighbor, select the hire button and pay the required coin. After you've paid the coin, you may now instantly tend a cluster of objects on your homestead! Neighbors with higher Reputation Levels will be able to tend more objects at once.

Reputation Level

You earn reputation points every time you tend an object on a neighbor's homestead. As you collect reputation points, you will increase your Reputation Level. A good reputation will make you more useful to friends that choose to hire you! It also lets you visit more friends each day and receive bonuses.


You can receive gifts from your friends as well as send them gifts. To send a gift to a friend click on the 'Free Gift' tab or click on a friend's icon on your friend bar. You may also send a friend a gift by going to your inventory menu. Gifts can be items such as collectibles, trees and animals. Be sure to add the items you really want to have to your Wishlist so you can share it with your friends! Send your friends gifts often, and they'll be sure to return the favor!


You can gain a spouse by completing various quests. You may also gain a child by completing quests but only after you have gained a spouse. If you wish to customize a family member simply go to the Family Album and click the customize button under the family member you wish to customize.


Dangerous varmints have a habit of showing up when you're trying to work. Performing actions on the frontier leaves you at risk of snake, groundhog, or even bear attacks! Varmints will make certain objects red on your homestead. The red objects will cost an extra energy to clear, tend, chop or harvest. To remove a varmint from your homestead you have to attack it the required number of times or chase it outside your homestead border.

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