Restaurant City Cheats // Wall & Door Decoration Glitch

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With this Wall & Door Decoration Glitch, you can now have beautiful room partitions as shown in my image. Make your own Japan or Ocean corner! No tools required!
Credits: justin

  1. Enter Restaurant City > Decorate restaurant
  2. Put a Chair on the spot you want the wall decor/door to be. 
  3. Adjust the side it will face.
  4. Go to the Wall decor/door section with the item that you want.
  5. Now, drag the chair out of the game window and release the mouse button. 
  6. Drag the wall decor/door item that you want into the game and release your mouse button. (ignore the chair)
  7. The wall decor/door should drop nicely into the position where the chair is at earlier. 
  8. If it doesnt, try again. Make sure to drag the chair out of the window, then drag the wall item you want into the window. Watch video if you're still unable to do it. 
Comment by nicksizzle:
You don't have to drag it out of the window, an easier way is to drag the chair to the Green Tick on the bottom right of the game screen. Release your mouse button. this will cause the chair to stay on your mouse even without holding it. Then you should be able to drag the wall decor onto the game screen.

*NOTE: You cannot turn pages or switch furniture categories while the chair is stuck. The wal decor you want to be glitched must be already on screen ready to be picked.

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