Pet Society // 17June MB + Coin

Latest DB - Download required files [ ziddu | sharecash  | xun6 ] // choose your preferred download link
Updated with CC petlings, new Sand Castles in MysteryShop

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • Latest DB files, download links above
  • Fiddler2
  • Chrome/Firefox

Credits: PWNTHIS

Warning: Do NOT sell that many Thrones each time even though it may seem safe. Just use it if you are seriously, desperately in need of coins. You can purchase 99 thrones. But just don't sell all immediately. Probably 20 each day. 20k per day is still quite a lot.


  1. Download Pink Throne Database
  2. Open fiddler and replace database.dat and shopMystery.dat. The rule editor are as required

  3. Reload Pet Society. If replaced correctly, the 2 lines will be highlighted.
  4. Go to mysteryshop and you will see all the new Mysterybox items and Sand Castles
  5. Go to mysteryshop/glow in the dark and you will see a pink throne. Click on it and you will see a message to buy it at only 150coins.
  6. Sell them at 999coins each. 
Cash Petling Cheat:

  • Go to Garden, Petling. 
  • For a PEGASUS, purchase a LION petling.
  • Buy a GROWTH POTION for only 5 yellow coins! (if it's blue coins, you did not replace database correctly!) 
  • Feed the Lion petling with it and it will grow into a PEGASUS! 
  • Important: For Petling cheat, there may be some who will encounter error. So what you should do is, after replacing the database and entering Pet Society, disable your Internet/work in offline mode then buy the Petling and feed it with the growth potion. If evolution works and you get the respective cash peet, connect back your Internet to save the game. If it doesn't work, just refresh and try again. Always remember, if the petling does not evolve after taking the growth potion, immediately refresh the game without saving.
  • The other petlings evolve into CC peets too.
    • Cat will evolve into Tiger
    •  Dog to Lamb
    •  Ccoyote to Bear 
    Notice the petling biscuits are in yellow coins too. Feel free to change your peet colours! 

    Opening Win/Lose Boxes fast

    1. Open cheat engine, select browser in process list
    2. Select Array of bytes, Also scan read-only
    3. Scan "8B403C8945E88B45e885c0"
    4. 1 address, disassemble. 
    5. Right click selected code > Replace with code that does nothing
    6. Turbo box opening! have fun.

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