Baking Life Cheats // EXP & COINS

Tools (download these tools in the Tools section):
  • Charles Web Debugging
  • Firefox

Credits: Paltakboy@PWNTHIS
  1. Open Charles [tools section]
  2. Enter Baking Life [play]
  3. Look in charles for this line ''
  4. Expand it and you will see 'current/' 
  5. Right click 'current/' and select Breakpoints
  6. Now reload Baking Life. The game should freeze and a breakpoint tab will appear in Charles
  7. Press Execute about 5 times and you should see a 'Edit Response' tab
  8. Click it then click on the AMF tab at the bottom.
  9. You should see this screen. (If you do not, try pressing execute again or you may have missed it so repeat from step 1)

  10. Expand the PublicUserData and change the experience to "10000000" (level 46)
  11. Expand the Currency and change the soft to "888888" (do not exceed 1billion or gameERROR!)
  12. Now go back to your Session tab and right click 'current/' again to select Breakpoints
  13. Go back to your breakpoint tab and click execute. The game will now run.
  14. Serve some cakes first then save the game. Your coins and exp will be saved. If unclear, watch the video.  

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