Zoo Paradise Cheats // Coins & Exp

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • Charles Debugging
  • Firefox

Credits: PWNTHIS

  1. Click to play Zoo Paradise [ play ]
  2. Open Charles Web Debugging
  3. Notice the moneybag to collect on top of the zoo habitat when collection time is ready. (For Coins)
  4. Notice the animal asking for food (For EXP)
  5. Click on it.
  6. In Charles, look for the line 'http://zoo.crowdstar.com'
  7. Expand it, and you will see 'commm/'
  8. You will see the line "collect_coins.php" (COINS)
  9. You will also see the line "feed_animal.php" (EXP)
  10. Right click each line and select Repeat Advanced
  11. Iterations 10,000 Concurrency 30  (Feel free to change these numbers to your liking but remember a higher number is risky as you are flooding their server with requests and they will investigate)
  12. Now just let the Session finish the iterations.
  13. Once finished, reload the game and you will see your new EXP and COINS. Have fun.
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