The Great Pwnthis Treasure Hunt


What can you win:
  • Cash/Blue Coins/CC items from your favorite Playfish games (Restaurant City & Pet Society) 
  • Each winner stands to win at least 50 Blue Coins worth of items.
  • Pet Society prizes only consist of a full set of Mermaid clothes which can only be obtained by the Cash Treasure Bait. Some lucky winners will get a platinum blonde Mermaid Wig. 
  • Restaurant City items consist of Cash Decorations, Cash Functional and more. [Items shown in the poster]
  • Probably Chatango premium account for backgrounds and emotes. 

Rules & Regulations:
  • You must obviously have a Facebook account and plays these games (Pet Society, Restaurant City)
  • You must be a FAN/LIKER of Pwnthis Facebook Page. > [link]
  • Reason being, clues and questions and answers will be given out on the Fan Page.
  • Questions will be in English. Therefore, I expect Answers to be in ENGLISH too!
  • People who give their answers in any languages other than English will be instantly disqualified :) 
  • You are only allowed ONE try each question. If you posted more than once, instant disqualification :)
    will not accept any excuses like slow connection, pressed too fast :P
  • Prizes given out are the decision of the organizer and are not exchangeable.
  • More will be added if I feel the Treasure Hunt is getting out of hand and unfair.
How to play:
  • I will ask the question on the Facebook page. 
  • First person to comment the correct answer on the question post wins. As stated in the rules, anyone posting more than once will be disqualified.
  • The answer can be found freely on the Internet/this site and have been extensively checked to ensure you will arrive with the same answer if you grasp the clues. 
  • It should be noted that you do not have to pay for information or clues. So if anyone asks for payment, run away from them!
    [GMT +8 ]

    Round 1 [ Ended ]: Click for Solution 
    Round 2 [ Ended ]: Click for Solution
    Round 3 [ Ended ]: Click for Solution
    Round 4 [ Ended ]: Click for Solution
    Round 4b [ Ended ]: A simple round with 10 winners.
    Round 5 [ Ended ]: Click for Solution
    Round 6 [ Ended]: Click for Solution

    I do hope that those who already have a lot of CC items will give other people who are not as fortunate a chance to win these items. This is round 1, So it may be a little disorganized. It will get better :p Ultimately, just have fun!

    Disclaimer: This contest is not affiliated with Playfish or Facebook and is the sole effort of

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