Icy Tower // Coins and Trophy cheat

 Credits: gotit @ R2O
Tested and working.


  1. Open Charles. Make sure it's recording sessions in firefox
  2. Go into Icy Tower. Click to play. (link)
  3. Play any tower, get a few coins and save the game. (it will auto save when you lose the game)
  4. Now look in Charles for these lines:
    'http://iftb.fldserver1.com or http://iftb.fldserver2.com'
  5. Expand the folder inside and search for the line "put_results.php"
  6. Right click this line and select "Repeat Advanced"
  7. As usual, 100000 for iterations and 5 for concurrency
  8. After game refresh, you will get lots of coins and trophies. Have fun  


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