Left 4 Dead 2

Disclaimer: In sharing this step-by-step tutorial, I am not encouraging software piracy. The links shared are not created or hosted by www.pwnthis.net. This is merely a tutorial on a working method to play Left 4 Dead 2  as people are unsure of the files to download and because of all the non-working nonsense out there. This however, is a definite working version that allows you to play with your friends on Garena.

This is only a tutorial to teach you how to update your L4d2 to the latest version.

Files you will need to make play this amazing game by Valve. 
 Latest Update to v2.0.2.4 11th July 2010

All files are scanned and clean. 

  1. After downloading all 3 files, first start with the L4D2 installer. 
  2. Opening the folder, you will see alot of .rar files. Just double click any. example: tpg-l4d.r00
  3. Extract the setup.exe you see inside and start installing L4D2
  4. Once installation is completed, install the Master patch v2.0.1.6 into your L4D2 folder
  5. Now install the Standalone T9 into your L4D2 folder.
    Important: Use the STRYDER emu instead of the recommended REV or it will Crash to desktop after loading the map.
  6. Now go into Garena, select the Left 4 Dead 2 game lobby and enter the room of your country.
  7. Click settings, browser and select "left4dead2.exe"
  8. Click OK and start your game. Have fun with zombies!
This is a working method on playing Left 4 Dead 2. 

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