Sky City // EXP cheat (patched)

Credits BlackCat
 Hey blackcat, thanks for commenting, having you here is a pleasure :)
This cheat allows you to level up to level 80, which is the max. 

Click to play Sky City

Don't bother trying. Patched.
Tools required:
  • flash 10
  • firefox
  • ce5.5
  1. Go into Sky City and plow a piece of land
  2. (link for game above)
  3. Open ce5.5, select browser as process, tick hex, ASROM, 8bytes
  4. Scan "08418B2041110FF2"
  5. 1 address returned. Right click > Dissemble this memory region > Debug > Toggle Breakpoint
  6. Plow another land. The game/browser will freeze.
  7. In ce5.5, copy the ECX value (the red values at the right side of the memory viewer), Click Debug>Toggle Breakpoint>Debug>Play to unfreeze
  8. Click 'Add address manually, paste the ECX value that you copied and add '+20' at the end
  9. Change type to Double and press ok
  10. Change the value to 550000 and plow a land. You will now be lvl 80.


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