Farmville // X'mas gifts FVcash cheat

Click to play Farmville

Credits: flameman & Li i-yen @ fREE2SW4U

Tested as at 31st Dec and working perfectly.

  • ce5.5
  • firefox
Steps (video tutorial below):
  1. Go into Farmville
  2. You will need at least 5 presents in the Holiday Tree for this cheat to work.
  3. Make sure your FVcash is less than 5 to prevent spending of your real FVcash. 
  4. Open ce5.5 (values: double)
  5. Scan current exp points. Plow a ground/harvest and next scan new exp points till only 1 address left.
  6. Add a "+88" at the add of the address  (example: 11783310+88)
  7. The value shown will be your current FVcash amount. Make sure it's below 5!
  8. Change the value to 100.
  9. Now click on the holiday tree. If you have 5 gifts, you can trade the 5 gifts and 5 FVcash for a random cash item. Start collecting your presents now!


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