Country Story // Combo Tool

 Tool by TigerZZ

Country Story has some really nice Christmas items for sale now. For those who are rich from the previous coin cheat (no longer functional), spend on these limited edition items. For the rest, this tool allows you to have unlimited stamina and unlimited water and also coins + exp when you activate all 3 cheats

Click to download tool
Filename: CSCheat.exe
Scan finished. 0 out of 21 scanners reported malware.
Scan taken on:  Fri 18 Dec 2009 17:26:19 (CET) Permalink

  1. Go into Country Story 
  2. Open CStool. See above image for translation
  3. Water a plant
  4. Click Start in CStool
  5. Click Scan in CStool
  6. Now all the buttons should be clickable. Select all the 3 cheats and water a plot. You can spam the plot for coins and exp. Use a mouse recorder. Have fun!


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