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A pretty similar game to all the other farming games. Bah.

As usual, the addresses of the coins are easy to find.

Coin Steps:
Credits : Painhacker

  1. Go into Sky City
  2. In ce5.5, scan current value of coins (double)
  3. Spend some coins and next scan the new value of coins
  4. 1 address left, change the value to any amount you want. Coins remain even after refresh. 
 And, I found out that we can purchase all the high level items even though our level is low. See the screen capture. I bought a lvl 21 item when my level is only level 5. There could be more loopholes. So have fun finding them all.

Blue Coins Steps by deph1lt
  1. Scan your yellow coins value
  2. When only 1 address left, double click it and add "+A8"  (XXXXXX+A8)
  3. The value will be your current blue coins value
  4. Change it to any amount you want. Have fun expanding
Exp Steps by BlackCat
  1. In ce5.5, tick hex, asrom, 8bytes
  2. In Sky City, plow a land.
  3. Scan "4B8B14438B104389". 1 result returned. Right click > Disassemble
  4. Click Debug > Toggle Breakpoint
  5. Now go plow a land. The game will freeze. Copy the EBX value in ce5.5
  6. Press F9 or Debug > Run to unfreeze the game.
  7. Click 'Add address manually. Paste the copied EBX value and add +10 behind it (xxxxxxx+10)
  8. The value will be of your current level. Change it to 80 and freeze it
  9. Your level will not change, but you can purchase any items you want.
Exp bypass Steps by
  1. Scan current level
  2. Level up, next scan new level. Repeat till 3 or less addresses remain. 
  3. Change all the addresses value to 50 and freeze it. 
  4. Now you have just unlocked all the high level items. You can now better spend your coins.

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