Cafe World *// Unlock All Recipies

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thanks to Tawingweng.

Tools Required:
  • CE 5.5
  • Browser ( FireFox )

Steps :
  1. Go to Cafe World.
  2. Now open CE 5, and attached it to your browser.
  3. Scan your current Exp Amount in 4 bytes
  4. Visit a friend and eat some of your friend's dish.
  5. Go to CE and scan your new EXP Amount.
  6. An address will be found. Double click on it to move it down.
  7. Double click on the address and Ctrl-C it.
  8. Click Add Address Manually and paste the address and add -24 (eg: 0DD90464-24 )
  9. A new address will be added , change the address value to 56.
  10. Now try to cook the last recipe.
  11. Remember to save! 

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