Ponzi, Inc cheat

Only had time to test out a few loopholes. This is 1 that works which is obviously important instead of posting up something that doesn't even work and waste everyone's time. rofl.

Tools needed:
  • ce5.5
  • browser
  • your brains
  1.  Hover over your experience bar to see Total Profits.
  2. In ce5.5, select browser and scan your current profit value (example: 18155)  
  3. Complete any job in game to earn additional profits.
  4. Next scan the new profit value and only 1 address should remain. Else repeat step 3 and 4. 
  5. Change the value to "100,000" and click 'Do Jobs' in game. Your level will now increase but it will revert back to your normal level on refresh.
  6. However, you are able to DO THE JOB of those high levels, which can actually help u gain more profits. I'm now doing a level 9 job and it's in progress although i am only level 2. 
    Will try to find for more loopholes in the meantime.


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