Restaurant City // Combo tool by TigerZZ

Pretty much like Piaip's tool but with the added +2000 exp per dish functionality.
This tool is easy to use. Just follow the image and you will know which buttons is for what.

Click to download TigerZZ Rc Tool (select your fave. provider)

  1. Go into Restaurant City 
  2. Open Rc tool. (download link above)
  3. Select your browser. 
  4. Click 'Start'
  5. Click 'Scan add' (let the tool scan for all the addresses)
  6. After the scan, the buttons will be clickable. Select the cheats you want. 
  7. Click +2000 for 2000 exp per dish. Note: you may need to serve a dish while scanning in step 5 to find the address to dishes' exp.

Tool by TigerZZ, thanks to Justin.


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