Happy Island // Coins + Exp cheat

With coins, you can easily gain exp too by purchasing the expensive items. Within 15mins, i have got from lvl 1 to lvl 21. As usual, I'm not gonna say crap like do not leech or whatever. It's the frickin Internet kiddo. Feel free to share this cheat, just remember to credit me. 

Credits: www.pwnthis.net

Click to play Happy Island. By the makers of Happy pets and Happy aquarium.
Tools required:
  • ce5.5
  • flash 10
  • flock/firefox
  1. Go into Happy Island
  2. Open ce5.5 (value type: 4bytes)
  3. Hover over any buildings. You should see a counter - xx/500.(xx is any digits)
  4. Scan the current 'xx' value
  5. Wait for customers to spend in that building for the 'xx' to increase.
  6. Next scan the new 'xx' value. Repeat steps 5 and 6 till only 1 address remain.
  7. Now change the 'xx' to '500'  (max value is 500 now. For those that were too late, we used to be able to get 99999 each time)
  8. Click on the building and move it. The counter will now be 500/500
  9. Click the moneybag.


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