Ninja Saga // Coins cheat

Credits: heiqiyifu93

Tested this cheat and it's working really great. Managed to save it too. Just cheat with some control. Don't cheat too much as there will be a greater risk of getting banned. I have 800,000+ for a really long time since the last cheat and i have not gotten banned yet. This amount is enough to last you for a really long time.

Tools required:
Click to play Ninja Saga

Steps :
  1. Open Charles
  2. Go into Ninja Saga
  3. Start a mission. Preferably a mission with multiple enemies to fight.
  4. Each time you killed an enemy, you will receive some gold. In Charles, expand> and search for '(CharacterDAO.updateGold)'
  5. Right click it and select 'Repeat Advanced'
  6. Iterations = 100,000 and concurrency = 5
  7. Do this for all the CharacterDAO.updateGold that you find in Charles. 
  8. On refresh, the coins will appear. As mentioned, cheat wisely


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