Farmville // Database cheat

Credits to itutz101
Source : R2O, ZCmiko

I have compiled a niffy piece of database for you guys to start on.
Just follow the steps and it will work fine. I believe the cheat is not 100% functional. But i managed to get 3 tries out of 5 tries to work. So you should still get it to work more often than fail.

  • Fiddler2 (Download)
  • .NET Framework 2.0 (only download this if Fiddler2 is not working for you) ( Download ) 
  • Google Chrome / IE
  • FVDatabase (Download)  This copy of gameSettings.xml already has some cash items+villa converted into 1 coins item for you guys as shown in the screenshot above. Level 1 can start buying the villa. Have fun!
    For a clean, unedited copy of gameSettings.xml, go to  and save it to your computer.

  1. Download the FV Database above.
  2. Open Fiddler2
  3. Click AutoResponder

  4. Click Add

  5. At the bottom, in the rule editor, paste this line  regex:(?insx)^http://.*gameSettings\.xml   into the left box highlighted in red as shown below

  6. Click on the arrow down box and scroll down to click on 'Find a file'
  7. Browse to the gameSettings.xml that you have downloaded in the FVDatabase and click Save
  8. Now load your Farmville in Chrome or IE or Firefox if you have set the correct settings to capture traffic from the respective browsers. (note: chrome and ie is auto detected by fiddler2)
  9. Now go to Market > Animals
  10. Buy a FVcash item that you want for cheap coins and put it in the 'DairyFarm' (you need a DairyFarm).
  11. Go visit a friend and return back to your farm.
  12. The game may have out of sync error. Just refresh and the item is still in your DairyFarm.
  13. Take it out. It may be invisible, just visit a friend again and you can see your item when you return to your farm.
  14. For more items, Add additional items into the gameSettings.xml
Adding more items into gameSettings.xml
  1. Open gameSettings.xml in Notepad.
  2. Ctrl-F "" (only search this if you are using my copy of database)
  3. Add any items you want below that line. ie: villa
  4. Now find the item to change the type and price.
  5. For cash items, Delete those highlighted in Red as shown in the image below.

  6. Always remember to Change the 'type' into 'animal' The edited item should look like the image below

  7. Have fun scrolling through the numerous items and editing them to your liking. Just remember to always update your Fiddler2 gameSettings.xml when you have changed it.
* dont open farmville while editing the script the market will not show the hacked item
* for some users it wont be sucessful on the 1st try but it will work 100 % just try and try
* the first step is an unedited script of farmville list of market and dairy farm download it
* make sure your current coins is less than the items that you are hacking or else it will deduct the normal price to your coins

QUESTION: why cant i put the item in the dairy farm

ANSWER: for some items especially on large ones just try put only the edge of the item over the dairy farm

QUESTION: why does the sync message pop up

ANSWER: sometimes the sync message will pop up but it is normal but make sure that you visited your neighbor or at least loading message appears before sync pops up

QUESTION: why cant i see the item in the animal section

ANSWER: please make sure that when editing the script you are not in farmville the item will not be appear

QUESTION: why cant i see the item even when im not in farmville when editing the script

ANSWER: use the fiddler first and do the instruction before going into farmville if the item is still not in the market animal section refresh your page and for sure the item will be shown in the animal section of the market

QUESTION: can i do it with higher items and cash items

ANSWER: yes you can, when doing higher items just make sure you also edit the level requirement so that it will fit your level and when doing the cash items make sure you follow the intruction very well in deleting vertain values in the script

QUESTION: does the dairy farm needs to be empty?

ANSWER: you just need 1 slot to do it not necessary empty but for me i always do it with empty dairy farm

QUESTION: why cant i buy the items even when it is in the animal section

ANSWER: some items needs a level requirement make sure you edit the level requirement for that item when doing step 5 you will also see there a level requirement edit it to level 1 or anything you like just make sure it is lower than your level and make sure you edit the price or it will be the same price as the original one.


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