Farmville Golden Chicken

A follow on from the previous FVCash Cheat, works the same way. Very UNSTABLE and only works like 2 out of 10 tries :(  But oh well, this is worth it as it's the only way we can get golden chicken for FREE :p These chickens are for Potch and Kimmy! ;D
Watch the video! Note i had only 16FVcash and 3golden chickens. After the video, I still have 16FVcash and 4 golden chickens!
So here are the steps.

  1. Buy a Chicken Coop (duhs)
  2. Scan for your current COINS value in ce5.5 (change value to: double)
  3. 1 address returned. If more than 1, just spend some coins and NEXT scan the new coins.
  4. Copy out the address, click Add Address Manually.
  5. Paste it in and type -40 at the end of it.  example: 07AFAFF8-40
  6. Remember to change the value to Double
  7. Now the address should appear with your current FVcash value
  8. Change it to 100. 
  9. Buy a chicken, put it in the coop. Open coop to see chicken is inside. 
  10. Buy another chicken and put it in the coop.
  11. Click market and WAIT for the sync error message pop up. 
  12. Close the market, and click "Accept" on the error popup.
  13. Refresh FV and if you're lucky, the chicken is saved. Like i said, its only 2 out of 10 tries that may work. You may be lucky though, i had it working 2 times in a row. Sometimes it helps to give it a rest for an hour before trying it again. Or just try clearing cache or anything random.

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