Farmville Database cheat // 100% success fix

To whoever is pm-ing me on chatango, my laptop cant seem to process back-dated messages. Sorry for not being able to reply. Traveling at the moment. Updates as usual as I have my laptop and wireless =D.

This is a 100% fix to the previous fiddler2 farmville cheat here (link). That cheat doesnt work all the time but with this fix by aaron_yao, you will always get the item you want.

Credits : iTutz101
Publish : R2O, ZC Miko
100% Get Idea:Aaron Yao
 Source: free2sw4u

Download the latest version of farmville gameSettings.xml here (download)

  1. Follow steps 1 to steps 8 from the original cheat (link)
  2. Now you will need 2 DairyFarm.  Let's name them DairyFarm A and DairyFarm B.
  3. Leave DairyFarm A empty. Have 2 cows in the other DairyFarm B.
  4. Send 1 cow from DairyFarm B to DairyFarm A.
  5. Go visit a fren and return to your farm.
  6. DairyFarm A should not be ready for harvest.
  7. Now send your farmer far away from DairyFarm A.
  8. Now send him to collect milk from DairyFarm A. 
  9. While your farmer is walking over, Go to market>animals and buy your cashitems or whatever items that you've inserted into the database.
  10. Impt: The moment your collection of milk is 100%, place your cash item into the DairyFarm.
  11. Wait for in sync error and refresh the game. The cash item will be in the DairyFarm
Steps to add your own items.
  1.  Open the above gameSettings.xml with notepad
  2. Ctrl-F "pwnthis" and add items like this bull
  3. Now find the item to change the type and price.
  4. For cash items, Delete those highlighted in Red as shown in the image below.

  5. Always remember to Change the 'type' into 'animal' The edited item should look like the image below

  6. Have fun scrolling through the numerous items and editing them to your liking. Just remember to always update your Fiddler2 gameSettings.xml when you have changed it.

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