Farmville Cash cheat

Highly unstable, but definitely working as I have personally tested it for hours! Get FVcash items now! Make sure your current FVcash value is LESS than the item that you're going to purchase (therefore, spend it first to abuse this cheat) 

Credits: Jhecko

Tools Required:
  • ce5.5
  • flock

Steps:  (Try the shortcut method below instead of these, it's faster)

  1. Go into FarmVille and purchase a ToolShed.
  2. Select flock in ce5.5, change value to 'Double' and scan your current EXP points.
  3. Only 1 address returned. Double click it or memorize the first 5 digits of the address.
    (if multiple addresses, read step2 properly!)
  4. Scan current FVcash value. Alot of address returned. Find the address with the similar first 5 digits.
  5. Change the value to 200
  6. Go visit your friend's farm then go back to your farm.   
  7. You should have 200 FVcash now. Now purchase the new x'mas building. Place it in your Toolshed/Storage!
  8. Click 'Market' icon again and WAIT for the error message to popup.
  9. When error message popsup, CLOSE the market then click Accept.
  10. On reload, you should see the Cash item in your toolshed.

     Note: Like i mentioned, it's only partially working but if you have the patience, you can purchase lots of cash items. It does not work always

Thanks to ZC Miko and JohnPP, there is a shortcut method. But i have tested it and it is also still unstable and not 100% but definitely much easier to execute.

Shortcut method
For this cheat to work,you must have 2 toolshed with a total of 3/4 items inside.

Then scan your Current Coin. (Value: double)
Double click on the address found and copy it

Click Add Address Manually then paste the Address you copied before then add -40. Remember to change type to "Double"
A new address will appear below with your current FVcash value. Change the value to 60 or less than 100.
Buy FARMVILLE Cash items.
Then put it in yer storage. After that,click MARKET then wait for the SYNC MESSAGE to pop-up. When the Sync MESSAGE poped up,CLOSE the MARKET and click ACCEPT on the Sync MESSAGE.

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