Farmville ** Place Trees/Items On Tops of Crops Cheat

Credits : Farmertips

You can now place items on top of your already-used land. Useful for farmers that are trying to get the knock on wood ribbon and still want to fuly utilise all of their land to plant crops.

Go to Farmville

Tools Required:
  1. CE 5.5
  2. Browser ( FireFox )

For Tree:
  1. Open your farmville
  2. Open CE 5.5
  3. Click your browser, and checked the box "enable speed hack"
  4. Upon checking the "enable speed hack", change the value to "0.5" 
  5. Click gift and then click any neighbor. 
  6. Click the visit or help the neighbour
  7. Put a tree in the exact location of your plow in your form. 
  8. Now, go back to your and you will see the tree.

 For Item:
 Watch this video
Credits : coinshackplease


 Now, who needs more land for farming? Definitely not me! (: Enjoy!


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