Ponzi, Inc Timer cheat

Click to play Ponzi, your corporate enterprise.

Tools required:
  • ce5.5
  • flash 10
  • browser
  1. Go into Ponzi.
  2. Select browser in ce5.5
  3. Do a job. 
  4. Wait till the timer is below 1 minute. (example-  00:59)
  5.  Scan the seconds (4bytes)
  6. Next scan the decreasing value of the seconds until you have only 1 address left.
  7. You will notice that the value is decreasing according to the timer in the game.
  8. Double click this address and change the value to 0. 
  9. The job will instantaneously be completed.
  10. Do the same job again, and change the value to 0 to get it done immediately.
  11. Note: this cheat works best for high level jobs, find a 30min job and get it done in 1 second :p have fun!

Credits: pwnthis you pwnthis O.O


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