Restaurant City coin cheat

Get 30coins each save easily. Use a mouse recorder for best effects. Just hover on an item, click on the Flip side and click the tick to save. This is the best mouse movement to auto save your game.

Credits: Nameless

Tools required (all can be downloaded in the Tool section. Link in the top nav):
  • flash 9/10
  • ce5.5
Steps: BTW, Restaurant City giving out Free Oranges. Click link to get it ingame.

  1. Go into RC
  2. Use Piaip's rc tool if you want to leave the cheat running overnight, but not compulsory.
  3. Click a tree till it drops a coin
  4. Scan "00000004B8684889"  in the cheat engine (8bytes, hex, ASROM)
  5. 1 address returned. Right click and disassemble
  6. You will see the line 'mov [eax+68]...',. Right click and Toggle breakpoint
  7. Go back to RC, click redecorate your restaurant, shift some furniture and save the game.
  8. Now click the trees till the game freeze. 
  9. In the cheat engine's memory viewer, click the red colored EAX (top right side of mem viewer) and copy the value
  10. Click New Scan in the cheat engine, change the value to 4bytes and first scan the EAX's value 
  11. 1 or 2 addresses may return. Copy the FIRST address.
  12. Click 'Add address manually' Change type to '4bytes' Tick Pointer
  13. Paste the address from step 11 to 'Address of pointer' 
  14. Type '68' in Offset Hex
  15. 1 line will appear. Change the value to '30' and tick FREEZE
  16. In the cheat engine's memory viewer, Right click the line 'mov [eax+68]...' and click Toggle breakpoint
  17. Click Debug > Run
  18. Now in RC, click STREET and click Decorate the building
  19. Flip an item and click the green tick to save. The coins will not change now but you are actually earning coins. You can see the new coins when you refresh the game.
    Have fun. Check out the video if unclear.

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