Cafe World // not working anymore

Some of you guys were asking for this cheat as you do not want your friends to notice that you were cheating. So I hope this cheat is of help to you.

Credits:Aaron Yao@fREE2SW4U, istroke@r2o

  1. Open Charles
  2. Go into Cafe World  
  3. Visit a friend, eat the food and return to your cafe.
  4. In Charles, look at the 'Structure' tab. 
  5. Find for the line "" or ""
  6. Expand 'current' > 'lib' > 'amfphp'
  7. You should see the line 'gateway.php(YoCafeRemote.saveData)
    note: there may be a few, check step 8 to make sure you got the correct line.
  8. Click on the request tab  and you should see 'friendMission' as the value of the String.
  9. Right click this gateway.php(YoCafeRemote.saveData and select Edit
  10. On the bottom of the right window, select 'AMF'
  11. Change the String 'friendMission' to 'updatedTutorialStep'
  12. Expand the [4] Object  and you will see a 'leave_tip' field with a value of 1. 
  13. Change 'leave_tip' to 'step'
  14. Change '1' to '50'
  15. Click execute. And you will immediately get $2500
  16. A new gateway.php (YoCafeRemote.saveData) should appear. Click it and click on the 'Request tab' 
  17. You should now see a 'pwnthis' for the String.
  18. Right click this line and select 'Repeat Advanced' 100,000 for iterations and 5 for concurreny.
  19. Now just leave Charles to run. Coins will increase without the exp.

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