Spore Islands

This game is based on the popular game 'SPORE' In Spore Islands, you design your own animal and track its survivability on the habitat that you have chosen. The idea of this game is to thrive and reproduce quicker than other wild animals on the island. As long as you are the dominant species on your island, you win.

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Firstly, you can select the habitat that you want. Different habitat has different plants and terrain.
You can have a snowy island, a desert island or a dreamy misty island.

Once your animal is created, you can use the DNA to evolve it so that you can reign supreme on the island.
Stats such as speed (to run away from meat-eating animals), Attack (to win in fights), Reproduction (multiply rapidly) can be adjusted if your animal is losing.

Some tips from Pwnthis.net:
-If your creature is a herbivore, go for extreme speed and reproduction to multiply quicker and running away from the carnivores.
-Use at lest 2 different Diet to have an efficiency of 70%
-Try starting out with a herbivore first as plants are plentiful while animals slowly dwell to nothing in the later stages.


This is the overlap of your observation. Check if you are winning or losing in this vicious food chain.  

Create lots of different species and send them to your friend's island and pwn them all!

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