Restaurant City // Gourmet King cheat

Credit: AnEjd, free2sw4u
Click here to play Restaurant City

Tools required:
  • flash 10
  • firefox/flock
  • ce 5.5
It is still working. You have to publish the news and click on 'Claim ingredient' using another account. 

  1. Go into Restaurant City
  2. Open ce5.5, select browser, tick HEX, change value to 'Array of Bytes', tick ASROM
  3. Scan "47602F240060A93F46A139021129". 1 address returned. Double click it
  4. Change the value to "09602F240060A93F46A139021100" and tick Freeze
  5. New scan "47602F240060A93F46A13902115F"  1 address returned. Double click it
  6. Change the value to "09602F240060A93F46A139021100"and tick Freeze
  7. Now go out to the streets and you should see Gourmet King and get your ingredients!


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