Pet Society // Old Exp cheat [working]

This is an old cheat if i'm not wrong, but as someone was asking for a working Exp cheat in the previous post, i will post it up again.
Credits: idk

Tools Required:
  • flash 9 only! (im using 9.0 r159)
  • ce5.5
  • firefox
  1. Go into Pet Society
  2. Skip till you get a coin (6 skips)
  3. Open ce5.5, select firefox, tick hex, 8bytes, asrom
  4. Scan "840FFF85C12A0FF2"
  5. A few addresses will appear. Right click the Last address.
  6. Scroll up 2 lines and you should see this line 'add esp,0c'
  7. Select this line and click Tools>Auto Assemble>Template>Code Injection>Ok
  8. Scroll down and you will see these lines
    add esp,0c
    mov ecx,[ebp-14]
  9. Change it to:
    add esp,0c
    mov [ebp-14],30D40
    mov ecx,[ebp-14]
  10. Click execute > Ok
  11. Now skip on the rope, you will get 200,000 paw points after 6 skips.

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