Pet Society // Get free coins

Well.. as some of you guys are asking for this. This is just the past method of gaining blue coins with Argentina proxies. Seems like you can now gain yellow coins with it too depending on offers. Some give you 8k coins, some only 3k coins. You can get both blue or yellow coins depending on the offers. Different proxies has different rewards.

Source: justintw

Tools required:
  • FoxyProxy 
  • Firefox
  • Lots of patience as Argentina proxies may be slow for your region. 

  1. Install FoxyProxy
  2. Open it and click on 'Add New Proxy'
  3. Go to the Proxy Details tab and check 'Manual Proxy Configuration'
  4. Fill in the Host address and Port with any of these proxies : 9000 8080 : 3128 3128 : 8080 8080 : 8080 8080 : 8080 8080
    Note: The starting 4 groups is the IP address, the FINAL few digits AFTER the colon is the PORT.
    Proxies are not permanent may be shutdown anytime, so if any of the proxies are down, you will not have a connection to the internet.  For more proxies. Just select any country that you are NOT from.
  5. Click on the General Tab and give a name to your proxy. (ie: PetSociety)
  6. Click Ok.
  7. Now you should see a Mode: Click on the dropdown and select "Use proxy PetSociety for all url
    Note: those of you who knows what to do can actually set url patterns using proxies for only PetSociety, i will explain on this when i get home.
  8. Now click 'Close'
  9. Go into PetSociety, it will be slow ;p
  10. Click 'Earn Coins'
  11. Check 'I agree' and click 'Earn free coins by completing offers'
  12. Click on the "Free"
  13. You should see some offers there, try them all for your coins, you can create a junk email account for this purpose sending all this offers to that junk email account.
  14. Once offers are completed, you should get the coins. Have fun.


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