Bite Me // Coins+Exp cheat (working as at 8Jan)

Click to play Bite Me
Credits: TIRONG@pwnthis. This cheat is working great on the 8th January 2010.

Tools required (download tools in the Tools section):
  • charles3.4.1
  • firefox

  1. Go into Bite Me
  2. Open Charles
  3. Do a mission that earns you exp and coins (the higher the mission level, the more exp and coins you earn)
  4. At the victory screen, check your charles. Find the url ""

  5. Expand it and you will see alot of "game" Right click the last 'game' and select repeat advanced
  6. 100000 iterations and 5 concurrency shd get you to max level (level 15) in minutes. 
  7. Click on Shop in the map and you should see the coins and exp increasing. You will get Sanga Credit too as you level up. 

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