Ninja Saga // LEVEL cheat

Click to play Ninja Saga

Credits: Cisra

Tools required (can be found in the tools section):
  • Cheat engine 5.5
  • Firefox
WARNING: You can only level up ONE level above your current level to avoid Disconnection and BAN OF ACCOUNT! I have tested it and my account got banned because I tried to level from level 5 to level 7. It resulted in an immediate ban so only level up by ONE level each time.

  1. Go into Ninja Saga but do not Select Character
  2. Open Ce5.5 and select firefox in your process list
  3. Tick hex, 8bytes, ASROM
  4. Scan "3B0008C25B5E0689"
  5. 2 addresses returned. Right click the 2nd address and Disassemble this memory region
  6. Right click the selected code and select Toggle Break Point
  7. Go back to Ninja Saga, select character and click play. The game and browser will now freeze.
    (one way to avoid the browser freeze is to use another browser to view so that you will still be able to read the steps)
  8. Now in Ce5.5, click Debug > Run   TWO TIMES
  9. At the right side is the Registers panel. Double click the EAX and change the value to your next level. The list of level values can be found below.
    (example: in the video, i am level 4. So i input 733 which is the value for level 5)
  10. Now right click the selected code (step 6) and select Toggle Break Point again  (this is to unfreeze the game and browser)
  11. Click Debug > Run
  12. Now you will enter Ninja Saga and your new level will be reflected. Have fun!
Values For Each lvl:
6-No Code Level up yourself without this cheat
10-No Code Level up yourself without this cheat
17-No Code Level up yourself without this cheat
18-No Code Level up yourself without this cheat

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