Restaurant City Cheat // Easy coins

Credits: AnEjd@fREE2SW4U
You get 30 coins per save. Watch the video to understand how it works. The trick is not the coins in the tree but the saving of the game. 

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • cheat engine
  • firefox
  • mouse recorder (a must if you want to earn alot of coins)
  • Flash 10
  1. Go to restaurant city (click to play. Wait 15secs or Just skip to RC)
  2. Click a Tree in RC
  3. Open Cheat engine (hex, ASROM, 8bytes)
  4. Scan "F98BE8558DE85D89"
  5. 1 address found. Right click > Disassemble and scroll up to find the code "je xxxxxxx" where xxxxx is random digits
  6. Right click the code "je xxxxxx" and select 'replace with code that does nothing'
  7. Now click a tree in RC and you should get a coin.
  8. New scan "04B864488901C183"
  9. 1 address found. Right click > Disassemble
  10. Change 'add ecx,01' to 'add ecx,1e'
  11. Now click Decorate, shift a furniture, click the green tick to save the game
  12. Click a tree for a coin and repeat Step 11 and Step 12 till you are satisfied. 
  13. You will get the coins only after you refresh the game. Watch the video if unsure, i only automate for less than 1 minute and i have already earned a few hundred coins. Let it automate for an hour+ and you will get thousands!

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