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With the trend leaning towards Vampires or Undead with bestselling books of the Twilight trilogy now in cinemas. Lots of new games and movies such as Zombieland and Left 4 Dead 2. So it seems like people love these immortal creatures.

Now we have it on Facebook too. Bite Me, a vampire game where you go around completing missions and gaining blood to become stronger. A strategy RPG set in a world of hipster vampires. Work your way to the top of the vampire underworld and look good doing it! Link to play at the end of the post.


How To Play:

This is the map overlay of your region. New places and NPCs will be unlocked as you level up. Check the NPCs often as they will give you quests with rewards such as items and experience points. At the bottom of the screen is your control panel which includes the following sections:
  • Actions:
    Max number of actions is 12. You will need these action points to fight or to please your minions.  It can be replenished instantly with the use of a can of Red Eye.

  • The boxes on the right of Actions:
    These boxes are your quests requirements. They tell you what you require to complete the quest.

  • Gear:
    Allows you to change gear, see the types of attack skills you have. 

How to fight:
At the bottom of the screen is some circle icons. These are your skills. Click them immediately when they are available or you may lose the fight. Note that this is not a turn based battle screen. If you do not attack, the opponent will still attack you. 

Click to play BITE ME

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