Pet Society // How i got from 30k to 90k in seconds

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Idea by ZiUnknown who commented in my previous cheat. I tried it out and it works and saves only if you have fast fingers like super fast fingers like i do. I got 40k coins in just a few clicks. =D And yes, it is working and savable and you can spend it even after refresh!

Note: Not sure if you guys want to do it on your main account as I am not too sure if Playfish will ban us. I will not be responsible if you got banned, so use a secondary account if you are afraid.

Combine Infinite Coins with 500coins

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • Flash 9 only!
  • Cheat engine
  • Flock browser (  or Firefox.
  • Super fast fingers like mine!
  1. Play Pet's Society (click to play)
  2. Open Cheat Engine (Array of Bytes, Hex, Also Scan Read Only Mem)
  3. In PS, click the tree until you found 1 that dropped a coin.
  4. Scan "PATCHED"
  5. 1 address returned. (if no addresses, you're either not using flash 10, or you have not done step 3)
  6. Right click and Disassemble
  7. Scroll up a few lines and you should see the code "jne XXXXXX" (X is random digits)
  8. Right click this line and select 'Replace with code that does nothing'
  9. Change Cheat engine settings to (Hex, 4bytes, ASROM)
  10. New Scan "PATCHED" (Hex, 4bytes, ASROM) 
  11. 1 address returned. If more than 1, use the top address.   (ONLY FLASH 9 !!)
  12. Right click > Disassemble
  13. Right click selected code and select "Replace with code that does nothing"
  14. Change Cheat engine settings to (Hex, Array Of Bytes, ASROM)
  15. New scan "8B 40 24 85 F6 0F 84 5E 02 00 00 8B 4E 08 8B"
  16. 1 address returned. Right click > Disassemble
  17. You will see the line "mov eax,[eax,+24]"
  18. Change it to "mov eax,90" 
  19. New scan "C7 45 DC 01 00 00 00 89 45 E0 8D 45 D8 50 6A"
  20. 4 addresses may return. Right click the BOTTOM address and Disassemble it
  21. You will see '[ebp-24],00000001' 
  22. Change it to 'mov [ebp-24],000001f4'
  23. Enter your house. 
  24. Important: Read the next few steps to prevent MAYOR!
  25. Exit your house and click the trees. You will get ALOT of coins! 
  26. Immediately click on 'Add Coins'. Click 'Leave Shop' and click on the tree again. 
  27. Repeat step 26 till you have millions of coins? You just gotta be fast when the coins are dropping. Dont be greedy or coins will NOT be saved. Click Tree, Immediately Click Add Coins at the top and repeat. Watch the video below to see how fast you have to click.


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