Happy Island // Coins + Exp cheat

Cheat and Images Credit to : Phoenixric@warrinerscyberzone

This is the version 2 of the trash cheat that had been fixed by Crowdstar. Basically, we are now unable to repeat advance and run iterations as they have added a running number at the end of the url. Therefore repeating actions will no longer work as there is a unique number at the end of the url.
With this cheat, you can still repeat the trash picking actions but you have to manually set the number to increase which i feel requires alot of effort and is not really worth the time. But for those of you who are really desperate and wants some coins, you have to make do with this cheat and blame yourself for not using the previous amazing coin cheat. :p

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):

  • charles 3.4.1 (note you may need to install java jdk if charles does not work for you)
  • firefox

1.) Open Charles
2.) Click File > New
3.) Go to Happy Island (click to play)
4.) Pick up some trash (banana skins, drink cans)
5.) Go back to Charles and you should see this screen

6.) Right-click the line 'pickup_trash?' and click Edit

7.) At the right pane, click Request Tab
8.) You will find a line "game_logic/pickup_trash|#"
# is an integer number as shown below:

9.) Edit the value by increasing it by ONE (example: the number is 4, edit to make it 5)

10.)Click Execute button
11.)Right click the last 'pickup_trash?' again and repeat step 9 and 10.

Provided that you increment the current value before clicking Execute button.

Do this repeatedly as many times as you like, then just refresh the page to see new coins and exp.

This cheat is tedious and does not earn much. But I still have millions of coins and I believe many of my frequent users have lots of coins too. That's what you get for being loyal supporters! :p

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