Restaurant City // Little coins Auto Tool by nameless

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Credits to nameless

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • Nameless's RC Tool [Link 1 | Link 2]   Choose any links in case some of the links don't work for you.
  • Flash 9 / Flash 10
  • Any browser
  • Mouse recorder
  1. Download the RC Tool.
  2. Go into Restaurant City (lock up the restaurant by putting a chair at the door)
  3. Open RC Tool and select Flash version and Browser then click 30/sav
  4. Wait for a pop-up saying 'Cheat Activated' 
  5. Now in RC, click Decorate 
  6. Shift a furniture 
  7. Click the Green Tick to save the game
  8. Keep repeating steps 5,6,7 and you will get 30coins each time. I gained a few hundred coins easily in seconds. Set the mouse recorder to automate the Steps and you can go sleep!

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