Restaurant City // Garbage Guru Trophy

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Credits: AnEjd @ fREE2SW4U (inspired by nameless)

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • FireFox
  • Cheat Engine 5.5
  • Flash Player 10
Note : You will only receive the Garbage Guru trophy, No coins.
Steps :

  1. Enter Restaurant City (play now)
  2. Set a Cleaner
  3. Open cheat engine 5.5 and select browser as process. (Hex, 4bytes, Also Scan Read Only Mem)
  4. Scan "9189D32B" 1 address returned.
  5. Right click and disassemble
  6. Scroll to see the line "sub edx, ebx". Change it to "sub edx, edx"
  7. New Scan with these settings (Hex, 8bytes, ASROM)
  8. Scan "04B874488901C183" 1 address returned.
  9. Right click and disassemble
  10. Find "add ecx, 01" and change it to "add ecx, 00"
  11. New Scan "83C7000001248389"
  12. 2 addresses returned. Right click the bottom one and disassemble.
  13. You should see 'mov [ebx +00000124], eax' and 'mov [ebx +0000011 c], 000007d0'
  14. Right click 'mov [ebx +00000124], eax' and choose "Replace with code that does nothing.
  15. Change 'mov [ebx +0000011 c], 000007d0' to 'mov [ebx +0000011 c], 00000000'
  16. New Scan "E44589D47589C085" 1 address returned.
  17. Right click the address and click "Disassemble memory region"
  18. Find je xxxxxxx ( where xxxxxx is random digits ) Right click and select "Replace with code that does nothing"
  19. Scroll down and find another je xxxxxx and also 'Replace with code that does nothing'
  20. In RC, trash will be popping up and cleaning. After about 10mins you should get the trophy. Remember, you will not get the coins so stop after you got the trophy.

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