Sea Pets // Coins cheat

Credits: Benj@free2sw4u
Coins generated will not be saved after refresh but items purchased with the generated coins are saved and so you can sell the items for coins.

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • cheat engine
  • firefox
  • flash 10
  1. Go into Sea Pets (click to play)
  2. Go to Shortcuts > Food and buy a Spicy Taco for 15 coins
  3. Open cheat engine (hex, array of bytes, ASROM=also scan readonly mem)
  4. Scan "89411CB804000000E9080000008B4D08"
  5. A few addresses returned. Right click the Bottom address and Disassemble
  6. You should see the code '[ecx +1 c], eax' 
  7. Change eax into 9999999
  8. Now your coins will increase. Go to Shops and buy lots of items. 
  9. Refresh the game, the coins will disappear but the items remain. Sell the items for coin.

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