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Alright, I have been playing this game for quite a while. This game is great because it requires strategic thinking and is pretty similar to investing in the stock market only that we are investing in minerals or apparels depending on your businesses.

This game is for my mature audience who are sensible, can think, do not ask stupid questions like "does this work?" or "cheats for blahblah pls". xd kids, don't get emo and angry, i'm just kidding about the stupid part.
Just want to intro this great game to those of you who love to use some brains in games instead of cutesy stuff. Pretty much similar to the real world but obviously easier to play. Be a Tycoon today!

So how do we play this text-based investment game? 

The above screenshot is like your stock options. This is the most intriguing part of the game as it is very much like investments. The prices rise and drop every minute and if you buy or manufacture a certain item that suddenly rose in price, you must quickly sell it and enjoy your earnings. Some items may cost $30 a unit but a crazy incident may raise the price to $1000 a unit. Such things happen in the crazy world of Tycoons. So be sharp and quick. Buy low, Sell high!  

Now let's move on to the Business part. You have limited permits from the government to set up businesses. So choose wisely. These businesses will output resources which can be sold on the market. They may require inputs such as Power, Water or Cloth for Clothes businesses. You will need to purchase these input to sustain your businesses. The output can then be sold when the price is high. When you have cash to spare, invest it in your businesses to expand the capacity or output. These are the following industry that you can dabble in:
  • Housing
  • Raw materials
  • Utilities
  • Entertainment
  • Dining
  • Financials
  • Agriculture
  • Apparel
  • Automotive

Trading Resources is the crux of the game. You can only be rich if you are smart in trading resources. Never use market prices. Always set the limit. You set the price you want (make it reasonable duhs)

There are Challenges to complete which will level you up allowing you to purchase better businesses. Recruit more business partners to play with you as your can send charity to each other which helps in the Challenges too.

And... lastly, don't ask for cheats as investments and cheats do not go well together. And for those who are interested in investments, stocks, blue chips, forex, this may be a training ground for you.


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