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Credits: alaa
They are selling 10k coins for 50USD. With this cheat, you can easily get 20k coins for FREE.

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • Charles 3.4.1
  • Firefox

  1. Play UNO (click to play. Wait 15secs or click Skip to load game)
  2. Open Charles
  3. Complete 1 game of UNO. Does not matter if you win or lost.
  4. Look in Charles, find the line ""
  5. Expand it and you will see alot of "server.jsp?gid=xxxxxx"
  6. Click on the first "server.jsp?gid=xxxxxx"
  7. Click on the 'Request' tab on the right window and you should see "Object name="Scores" 
    Note: If you don't see it, click on other "server.jsp?gid=xxxxxx" till you see the "Object name="Scores"

  8. Right click the "server.jsp?gid=xxxxxx" and select "Repeat Advanced"
  9. Iterations 50,000 and concurrency 5
  10. You should get 70k coins as shown in my screenshot easily. Have fun gifting out Kisses, Reapers, Diamond Rings

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