Rock Riot // Coins&Exp Cheat

Credits: brownie logie @

Tested and working as at 18 January. Warning: People are saying that they are getting banned. So proceed with caution as I have used it but has not gotten banned. If you are afraid of getting banned, DO NOT USE as I will not be responsible for your account.

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • Charles3.4.1
  • firefox
  1. Go into Rock Riot (click to play. Wait 15secs or skip ad)
  2. Open Charles. It should be capturing urls/activities of firefox.
  3. Complete a song in Rock Riot.
  4. In Charles structure tab, you should see the url ''
  5. Expand it > Expand rockfree > ajax > external interface
  6. At the end of 'external interface', you will see 'ts_gameOver' 
  7. Right click it and select 'Repeat Advance'
  8. Iterations 100 Concurrency 5.  (iterations reduced to hopefully prevent getting banned)
  9. Let it run finish and upon refresh, you should be around level 23 with thousands of coins.

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