Tiki Farm // Cash Cheat (updated)

Credits: AbsarHegde@pwnthis

This cheat was once released but as the address has changed, new players of this game should try this updated version of Golden Coins AKA cash coins cheat


  1. Go into Tiki Farm
  2. Open cheat engine 5.5, and select browser
  3. Scan current EXP
  4. Plow a land, and NEW scan the new value of your EXP
  5. Repeat till 1 address remains
  6. Select the address and Click on this button (or double click) so it appears in the address list.
  7. Double click the address and add "+C0" at the end. (example: 0800A3F8+C0)
  8. Now notice that the value is your CASH (golden coins) value.. change it to any amount you want. Have fun! 
Click to play Tiki Farm

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