Pet Society // Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs

Images by PetSocietyHelp
Some people were asking if I can upload the database for the 7 dwarfs but sadly, egg items cannot be purchased as there is no price. The only way to get the 7 dwarfs is by purchasing the snow white eggs or trading with your friends. And latest version of database is 2.8.16 for those of you using the ShopMaker.

Complete Snow White Mystery Egg List

Dwarf 1
Dwarf 2
Dwarf 3

Dwarf 4
Dwarf 5
Dwarf 6
Dwarf 7

Dwarf Bed
Dwarf Chair
Dwarf Table

Magic Mirror
Golden Comb

Queen Dress
Queenly Crown
Snow White Bow

Snow White Dress
Charming Prince Leggings
Charming Prince Shirt


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