Happy Island // Coins + Exp cheat

Tested and working if you follow the steps carefully.

Credits: Phoenixric
Source:warrinerscyberzone, free2sw4u

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • charles proxy debugger v3.4.1 (click Tools section to download it)
  • firefox
  1. Open Charles
  2. Go into Happy Island (click to play)
  3. Click on a Trash (banana skins, drink cans)
  4. In Charles, you will see the line "http://island.crowdstar.com"
  5. Expand it and expand "vw/" and expand "game_logic/"  
  6. You will see the line "pickup_trash?" 
  7. Right click, repeat advanced (5000 iterations, 5 concurrency)
    Note: Do not refresh game while charles is running or you will not gain the coins and exp upon refresh. Wait until Charles has completed the iterations before refreshing to see new coins and exp. 


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