Petville // Coins cheat (working as at 11jan)

Cheat and Images credited to: Michelle
Tested and working but abuse it asap before it gets patched. You don't get an obscene amount of coins however, just a couple of hundreds. Don't be greedy :p

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • charles3.4.1
  • firefox
  1. Start Charles Web Debugging Proxy
  2. Go into Petville (click to play)
  3. Go into Bubble Pop Game and complete round 1.
    Note: You must pop all 30 bubbles!
  4. You will see the following summary of round 1 game statistics

  5. In Charles (structure tab), look for the following line "" or ""
  6. Expand the line > expand "current/" > Expand "flashservices/" and you will see a few "gateway.php"
  7. Click on the "gateway.php", click on the "Request" tab on the top right window and search for the line "MinigameService.updateRound" (check from the last gateway.php upwards)
  8. After you have found the gateway.php with the functionName "MiniGameService.updateRound", right click it and select 'Edit'

  9. Click "AMF"

  10. You will see a 'sequence' and a 'params' Expand the 'params'

  11. Change the value of [2] in the params to the NEXT running digit. (example: 2 change to 3)
  12. Change the value of the sequence to the NEXT running digit (example: 11 change to 12)
    Note: just +1 for whatever digit you have
  13. Click Execute when you are done.
  14. Now click back on the gateway.php with a pencil logo

  15. Repeat steps 11-13 to continue getting coins. Remember to always +1 the current value!
  16. Repeat till you are satisfied or probably when there is a error sync message. Just refresh and you will see your new coins.

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