Bite Me // Coins cheat (working as at 6Jan)

Click to play BITE ME 

Credits: Blackcat

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • cheat engine 5.5
  • firefox
  1. Go in Bite Me.
    Click for: Guide to playing Bite Me.
  2. Open cheat engine.(4bytes)
  3. Scan current amount of coins.
  4. Buy a knife or sell some items to earn coins. (note: you will need to be able to visit the shop in the map)
  5. Next scan new amount of coins till only 1 address left. Change the value to 50,000 and freeze it.
    Note: Value cannot be too high or game may not save. And also, coins will not be saved, but items bought will be saved.
  6. Enter shop, buy 5 of the most expensive item and checkout. Keep doing it till inventory is full.
  7. Go to Gear, change clothes and go back to the Main City map. 
  8. A pop up will ask if you want to publish to facebook. 
  9. Refresh game and items will be in your gear. But coins will obviously revert back to the same amount. Only items saved, coins will not be saved. Sell items to get the coins. Repeat till you are very rich.

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